The Art of Systems Engineering

The 3 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering


Fundamentals: an integrated composite of People, Process and Product that provide a capability to satisfy a desired need or objective.


Art: how the parts interact in a desired and predictable way.


Systems Engineering (SE) combines the Fundamentals and the Art to produce elegant solutions, no matter the complexity of the system.



Systems Mindset: seing simultaneously the big picture and the details, which means developing a paradoxical mindset, is an important learning to improve the SE practice.


SE Education and Training: nurturing the SE workforce is key to meet customer needs and deliver customer satisfaction.


Increased awareness and learning in Systems Engineering will be needed for future success across a wide range of critical technical and societal problems.

It is an exciting time to be a Systems Engineer, you could benefit from our SE management and practitioner experience in the Defence and Border Security areas to help you drive your projects, or support your System Of Systems Engineering and Nurturing efforts.